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Gift Acceptance Policy

Should your nonprofit accept every gift that comes its way? While, it's difficult to say "No, thank you" to donors, sometimes it's the more appropriate decision. By establishing a sound gift acceptance policy, your organization will be better situated to legally and ethically finance your mission, because you never know when an unusual gift will arrive.  

Having a written, board-approved gift acceptance policy provides volunteer and staff staff solicitors with a clear way to handle unanticipated situations. 

What You Get with The Gift Acceptance Policy:

This customizable gift acceptance policy provides guidelines on: board and staff standards of conduct, unrestricted vs. restricted gifts, the acceptance or rejection criteria of various gift types (cash, securities, real estate, tangible personal property, life insurance, retirement assets, natural resource interests, in-kind products and services, and planned gifts), valuing and receipting donations, and tax accountability.

In addition to the policy that you can make organization-specific, you'll also get one video lesson that discusses gift scenarios, implementation tactics, and more! 

Relevant for all databases and all sizes of development departments


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Thanks, but...

Your organization will have a written, board-approved gift acceptance policy that outlines a clear way to handle any unusual gifts like real estate, natural resource interests, and all sorts of other non-cash donations. This policy allows you to gracefully turn down a gift, if needed. 


Engaged Board & Leadership

Volunteer and staff solicitors have a shared understanding of how they play a part in gift acceptance, and how to more efficiently support their team’s fundraising goals. This will get everyone on the same page of the fundraising playbook! 

Quickly Onboard Staff & Board

Your nonprofit quickly onboards new staff and volunteer solicitors by providing and adhering to an established policy. When new solicitors are ready to begin asking, they are equipped with a policy that helps them understand what they can accept on behalf of the organization. 

The perfect policy for your playbook...

Our suite of policies & procedures are designed to help you write, implement, and engage staff, board and leadership.

Policies & procedures include Donor Privacy & Data Retention, Reconciliation Policy, Pledge Management & Write Off Polices, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with the policy?

In addition to the policy, you'll receive a video lesson that will walk you through exact steps to take with the team and to implement the policy. Every policy will need to be customized for your organization, but this is going to be a great springboard for you!

Is this policy refundable?

Once you have downloaded the policy, your purchase is non-refundable. Our goal is to deliver and delight, and we believe our policies & procedures will do just that. If you need help with a policy, contact us at [email protected] 

How does this work?

After you purchase your policy, we'll email it straight to your Inbox. The policy is completely customizable and should serve as a template for making it relevant for your organization. Your video lesson will also be included in the email.

What kind of support is available?

We've got you. We'll check in with you via email to see how you're doing. Additionally, we have a private Facebook group where you can engage with others who purchased policies. This is where you can get advice and feedback from your peers.

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